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JVC MiniNote MP XP7230 – Support Forum

My mininote hangs up at boot [JVC MiniNote MP XP7230 - 107950]

My mininote doesn't boot anymore. It hangs up after checking IDE connections. I can enter setup, change settings, restart, but it hangs up every time. I noticed the switch that puts the computer in sleep mode when you close the display is broken. Could it have anything to do with this? I try to disassemble the computer but don't manage to do so, since all I can remove are the four screws at the bottom of the mininote. Can anyone help? JVC doesn't seem to have customer service at all...
  • KevMcF
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It sounds more like a problem with the hard drive than the display switch. Do you have the external CD-ROM for the mininote? If so, try booting from a winXP or ''Live'' Linux disk and then check if it can see the hdd.