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Cannot use the imported Maps on SD card [Kirrio Palm Navigation Pack - 111610]

  • Boseman
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I have loaded the Mapsonic Aplication into the Palm.Using a small map (approx 2.5 MB) - ie installed in the internal memory, the system works fine in the cradle with GPS. However, when a LARGE map is loaded (approx. 123 MB) - installed on the SD card, the program WILL NOT read the SD card. When using File/Open.. I am offered Memory or CARD(x) only. The value of (x) changes, I presume, due to the number of times the card is inserted. The value of (x) is now 17. I cannot access the card at all. The map is definitely on the card. I have tried to ring the support line phone a number of times but it is always engaged.
  • sigve
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Hi! I've had the same problem. When you produce the map, and the Save As- box appears below, save it as a Filetype fdp (Palm OS File SD/MMC/CF/Memory Stick *.fdp) in the scrolldown menu under the box, not a Palm Os File (memoro *.pdb). That should do the trick. Remember to do it before you go to bed, cause it takes hours to complete a large file like that. :-/ PS: Make shure that your Palm accepts large cards before you start! Best regards ps: I need a map of England and Scotland. I have Scandinavia!