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Can't get WRT54G3G to work on vodafone Ireland network [Linksys WRT54G3G Router - 129557]

I recently bought a WRT54G3G and Novatel U740 card from Expansys. I get stuck in the wizard as it says that the card I'm using(the Novatel one) is not on the supported list, despite the fact that the brochure clearly states that this is a supported card.

 I've upgraded to the latest and greatest wizard and firmware which was on the site. This did not help the problem.

 I spoke to Vodafone about it and they said that I need to use a Vodafone/Huawai 3G PCMCIA card on their network. Could this be true that they restrict which card is permitted? I've heard of them locking equipment so it can't be used on other networks, but this is the reverse of that....

 The problem I have is that they only give the Vodafone PCMCIA 3G cards to Business customers who have 3 or more business lines. However i'm a residential customer and so am supposedly not entitled to buy one?

 Does this make any sense?

 How do I get beyond all these hurdles and get the WRT54G3G to work on Vodafone ireland?



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I have the 3G Router , it didnt work with my sony ericsson GC86 card , checked the list of comapatible cardson the packaging box , it says Huawei is comatible , I went a purchased a Huawei E630 , inserted my contract data SIM card. setup the apn , bingo works , like a charm.


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