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can i set up 3g connection without adsl line? [Linksys WRT54G3G Router - 129557]

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Hi there I have a linksys wrt54g3g router connected to my desktop on port 1 or the router. There is also a Vodafone 3g/gprs data connect card serial number e618 inserted into the slot on the top of the router with a sim card inserted into the data connect card. I have 3 lights showing: power , port1 and wireless. I do not have a broadband /adsl connection so I cannot use netset . I am trying to switch from dial-up (what I am using right now) to a connection through the router with the data connect card. I tried to install the router software but it gets as far as not recognizing the router when I plug it in. and that is where I am stuck for now . can you please help me.