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Very poor performance - typical? [Linksys WRT54G3G Router - 129557]

  • ggosling
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Anyone else have problems with very poor performance when using a 3G card in their Linksys box? Using the speakeasy tester (''m seeing a maximum of 209kbps / 14kbps, sometimes much lower than this. I''m right next door to the local VF 3G node and get much faster, consistent, throughput if I simply use the card directly in a laptop via the VF Dashboard software. Thanks
  • llanafon
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No problem with my unit, have good signal (what was 3 bars in the Voda Mobile Connect Screen on my laptop) and get 1.2Mbps Down and 328Kbps Up. Sorry - no answers to your issue - but no speed degradation with my Linksys box.