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Verdict on A701 [Mio A701 GPS - 130423]

I''ve studied your forum with interest. I''m looking at purchasing a 701 but would like your feedback as to the product. I know as a camera its about useless but how does it fair as a phone/gps solution. I already have a tom tom go a mobile and a pda but want to go for an all in one device. fed up with all the gadgets. I''ve even contemplated looking at the nokia n95 that comes out in march but the sat nav will be nokias own and with no touch screen will not work with anything like tom tom. Has the new r65 firmware update fixed a lot of the previous issues people have had with locking up, speech dialing,voice commands etc. Is the mio map v3.2 software better suited to the mio than tom tom 6? Does Miomap v3.2 now have full 7 digit postcode search? Has anyone installed r65 yet? I have used tom tom and navman in the past. Will appreciate all helpfull feedback. Cheers.