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Rom Back up [Mio P350 - 137635]

  • comp_dad
  • Posts: 12
  • Join Date: 15 十二月 2006
Does any one know how to back up the rom on the P350 or P550 and if so can they please share that ? Thanks in Advance
  • squizi10
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  • Join Date: 27 九月 2007

Hi there,

If you reset your pda while holding the joystick pointing down- brings up menu option --- goto dump tools --- userstore to sd----- this will backup rom to sd card.....

I am currently running P550 ROM on a P350 works fine however Lost my origional backup any assistance or if someone can run another back would be great.



  • comp_dad
  • Posts: 12
  • Join Date: 15 十二月 2006
In the process of doing a P350 ROM backup now :-) I guess the backup copies; 1: Every thing that is installed / setup on the system? 2: That the serial number is also embedded somewhere in the rom file? 3: You would select 2 SD to user store to install the rom file? If it works, I may have an English rom file to assist others with... Here is hoping I do not screw my system. In addition how do I check the version of my rom and does the P550 rom on a P350 provide any extra features ?