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P550 Hardware or Software fault? [Mio P550 - 137728]

Im having problems with my newly purchased P550.

I have Windows XP and Activesync 4.5 with the file transfer box ticked.

When I run the activesync it appears to complete OK but I dont get any files transferring over to the PDA from the folders on my pc. These were the folders set up automatically when I first set up the connection between activesync and my PDA.

Also if I try to manually transfer files from pc to PDA I get a box telling me its copying and converting, and then I get an error message "The system cannot find the file specified"

Please can somebody offer me some help with this...





Is anybody else getting these problems?


Is anybody alse finding that their P550 looses the date and time when switched off but it retains its downloaded information?