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Telstra/A840 problem with GSM/CDMA capability [Motorola A840 - 112413]

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After getting a A840 I put my sim card (gsm) in. I rang Telstra to get a secondary number so one could be gsm and one cdma. After being told by a few operators I would go on a $0 plan for the 2nd no. and a few others I would need a $60 plan Telstra tell me there's an issue with the phone that needs sorting out first. Anyone got any news on this? Phone was recalled for software upgrade. Will try secondary no. again soon.
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The Motorola A840 did have a software problem and this has been fixed for new phones and Telstra is again selling these. To get a fix for an earlier phone, try contacting Motorola's authorised repairers called JNB electronics in Thomastown , suburb of Melbourne. Their number is in the whitepages and they should be able to falsh it with new software under warranty. As for the $0 for the 2nd number you have to subscribe to the Telstra service as a CDMA single calling solution and admittedly not many Telstra's sales representative know about this as Telstra under their New CEO wants to shutdown CDMA (although CDMA is a far superior and cheaper digital network to operate and maintain.) If you speak to Telstra, insist on them finding out about the single calling solution and refer them to this web link (one of a few around the net) for them to under stand what Telstra is themselves promoting, you will get that one phone with two network capability but you must only use one telephone number the main one which is the CDMA number the 2nd one is one that the cellular network uses to differentiate the GSM and the CDMA service.
Hi, I have just read your posting. I have purchased a A840. I have had it since the 25th Sept 2006. I have had nothing but trouble since i recieved it. I took it back to the telstra shop the day after i purchased it and said it wasnt working properly. I was told it was ok . i then went back again and was really furious. I wanted to know what the cooling off period was and was told by this sales man at retrovion that there was no cooling off period. I wanted to swap the phone for another one only to be told that it was impossible. I have been ringing telstra and motorola continuously since then. I have had the first phone sent back to motorola. This was replaced by a repaired one. They also sent me the info about all the errors with my first phone. I then went to use the replacement phone and once again it played up. I have had telstra checking out everything from there end and they say that there is nothing wrong. I have rung motorola once again and this time they have sent me a brand new phone. Once again sending me info on what the errors were with the second phone. I have just opened the new phone tonite and once again i am on the phone to telstra and going through it all again. They are going to check out all the things there end they said. I can not make a call and cannot recieve a call. if i put my sons vodafone sim card in the motorola and i can ring people and send a text and they can answer me. whats the prob with it. is it the phone or is it the sim card. I just about ready to go crazy and I dont know what to do. I have the two numbers on my phone bill when i get it. something is just not write and no body can seem to fix my proble,. i need this phone for business. I also had a friend who had an accident and people were trying to get intouch with me and my phone wouldnt work. whats the answer?