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Can't hear the person whom talking [Motorola DEFY - 203457]

I purchsed the Motorola DEFY from expansys Japan 4th JAN , but only 3 days later after I receive phone . I can't hear the person whom I talked to from normal speaker. But I can hear the person from loud speaker (hands free mode) . To see the web there are many person have same problem. Any way I want you expansys change my phone or return money to me. I have contact to Expansys Jp the day before yesterday but no reply. Please help me to return back the phone to you.  

  • wah007
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 It seems like you have the broken earpiece problem which some users have experienced as they are reporting it on some forums on the internet. You should contact expansys asap and tell them to do an RMA for you so you can have your handset replaced for a new one. Try to phone them and see what they say.

Hi Mr.Wah007
Thak you for reply . Yes I already contact to "Expansys Jp support" two days ago but no reply from them. So I post to this forum .

Hope manager check this and infrom to me,

and hope motorola stop selling low quality phone, really dissapointed  and suprised so many users have same trouble on speaker.   

Today I called to Expansys Jp support and they accept to change the phone to new one . I ask them not directory send to me from stock , check the phone first and send it to me.

I could not receive the e-mail from expansys support. So better to call to them not with e-mail.

Hope next phone is good one.  

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The earpiece issue has affected a minority of handsets.
The fact that you have had one faulty handset is in no way indicative of the overal build quality of Motorola phones or the Defy in particular.