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Motorola H700 Beeps Every 5 Seconds [Motorola H700 Bluetooth Headset - 124888]

  • rayray7
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My Motorola H700 constantly beeps every 5 seconds after I turn it on using the boom microphone. Once I place a call and hang up it stops. So to stop the beeping, I must place a call and hang up every time I use the boom microphone to turn it on. Does anyone else have this problem? Or, does anyone have a solution to this problem? Also, I have 3 H700's and use 2 cell phones from different carriers. They all have the same problem using any combination of BT headset and cell phone. Thanks.
  • Howardd21
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I have the same problem with an H700 -- did you ever resolve this?
  • PeteGraham
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Sounds like a pairing issue. Reset your headset, delete the pairing from your phone, and re-pair the device. Forum Search DON'T be afraid to use it!
I've found mine beeps every few seconds when I lose my carrier's signal. As soon as I return to an area with a signal, the beeping stops.
  • gboat
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If the phone cannot find the signal, the headset should be beeps every few seconds. I have tried the 3G card in 2G phone, the beeps always happened. Because the 3G was sucked and always lose the signals.When i tried back to 2G card and phone, it''s normal.