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Not able to connect headset HS801 with V600 [Motorola HS801 Bluetooth Headset - 112199]

  • Parijat
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I am not able to connect my Motorola HS801 headset with the Motorola V600 phone. Can you please help?
hi Parijat Firstly you have not posted what actual steps you went through ? okay when you first received your motorola hs810 bluetooth headset did you let it charge fully for 2hours? When the headset has been charged fully, you press and hold the mfb (multi function button) on the front of the unit, and it will come on a beautiful blue colour and then you need to go into your phone's setup and find the bluetooth icon and set it to discover bluetooth devices and it should go through the scanning process and then it should come up with your phone, and it will ask you if you would like to biond with the phone, press yes and then it will ask you for a paring code, if you type in 0000 it should come up a text box saying that the pin number has been verified and saved? and then you should be able to use your headset with your phone????? read the documentation that came with your headset???/ hope you get it sorted m8 S.P.Waller
  • friday
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I am also having the same problem, only with the v551 phone. The directions state the following...and this is verbatem. 1. With the headset on (on my head?) hold down the volume up or down button until the LED is steady. (how am I going to see the LED if its on my head?) I cannot get past step one. The light never comes on. I opened the package and put the headset directly onto the charger when I got it. It stayed on the charger for about 2 hours....the light finally went off and the directions state that the devices is fully charged when the light goes out. S.P. -- Im confused about your statement "When the headset has been charged fully, you press and hold the mfb (multi function button) on the front of the unit, and it will come on a beautiful blue colour" I tried both buttons and nothing. any help would be appreciated.
I followed the steps for connecting the headset hs801 to my v600 but I am still having connection problems. I select the <blue tooth link> from <connection> then <handsfree> <[look for devices]> the phone scans for devices but does not pick up my hs801 headset whcih is on and is flashing every 3/4 secs. The headset is fully charged. Any suggestions?
I have exactly the same problem you had: the headset simply won't recharge. The blue light turns on when I plug in the transformer, but then it goes out. It could be because the headset is effectively recharged, but then the light should go on when you press the button - and it doesn't. The headset doesn't seem to be recharged and the phone can't find the device. HAS ANYONE SOLVED THIS PROBLEM ?! What to do ? What to do ? PLEASE HELP !!! - LS
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To turn on the headset, you need to hold down both the volume up button and the silver button on the headset's face *at the same time*. After holding both buttons for about 2 seconds, the headset should turn on (the blue light will flash).