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drivers for Motorola HS801 [Motorola HS801 Bluetooth Headset - 112199]

  • happydest
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Hi all! I need driver for Motorola HS801! Please help me!
  • Michael
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It is a headset, why do you need a driver? -- Michael - eXpansys
How would you connect this headset to your bluetooth enabled PC? I am finding it as a bluetooth device, however, it will not allow me to talk or hear anything through it. I have read other forums and they discuss how you need to change the audio device in the audio properties in windows, I do not have this option on my computer even after finding the device. any ideas ?
Have you resolved this. I have the exact same problem. Please help me out. Regards Adrian Cilia
  • themackis
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I have the exact same problem. It Pairs up with the pc with no services. Has any1 found a fix? A program or driver or somthing. Whats this about changing the audio device in the audio properties? it doesnt appear there, or in system devices. Can any1 help?
  • eefrat
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You go to the Device Manager in Windows and find the Audio properties (or choose Audio in Control Panel). You can change the Play and Record devices to Bluetooth. I did that. Still, it did not work. In my case, I heard nothing from the PC sound and I did hear a series of beeps every few seconds. Like it was sending data to the headset and the headset was beeping as a result. Anyone?