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Using bluetooth headset for VOIP on laptop computer [Motorola HS801 Bluetooth Headset - 112199]

I have a motorola bluetooth headset which works OK with V600 phone. I also have bluetooth USB device for my computer. How do I route sound from computer to headset rather than speaker jack sockets. I have tried configuring bluetooth in control panel without success. Where can I find instructions please.
I was wondering whether you had any success with this. I too have the Motorola HS801 headset and want to use it with my laptop (with bluetooth). I have successfully connected the two devices but dont know how to enable it as the microphone and speaker for programs such as skype. Can you (or anyone) help? Thanks.
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It is possible to use bluetooth - if you've gone down the route of XP Service pack 2, then make sure that you have downloaded the latest version of the bluetooth stack for your laptop / usb bluetooth device. This appears currently to be one of the most common reasons for bluetooth appearing not to work on Wintel PCs and Laptops at the moment. As for the Motorola question - 'fraid I can't say anything other than the fact that I have yet to find anything Motorola that works with anything that isn't motorola - maybe you have the headset that's the exception :) good luck
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I have the same problem. What I get are every few seconds a series of beeps and no sound from the computer. Do you get the same sound?
Hi there Guys. Yes you can use any Bluetooth Headset with a variety of popular VoIP apps such as Skype, msn etc.... here is the trick. 1 Dig out your driver stack cd for your bluetooth adapter or chip if its built into your laptop. 2 If its a USB dongle, connect it to your PC if you havent already and it will install itself with the M$ driver stack which we dont want. 3 once its installed, right click on my computer, Hardware and devices. You will see under Bluetooth adapters a Microsoft bluetooth enumerator installed and Generic Bluetooth radio installed. 4 Right click the M$ enumerator and disable it and reboot your system. Install the drivers for your dongle/chip and reboot. 5 You must now locate the Generic Bluetooth radio adapter and click on properties, choose driver and update, click have disk and navigate to your device driver cd then reboot. 6 hey presto the nasty M$ stack is gone. Now goto the app and choose use this device, it should be in the drop down list for outgoing or incoming. Hope this helps.