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Problems with HS801 Headset and Nokia 6255 [Motorola HS801 Bluetooth Headset - 112199]

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I have been able to pair the Headset to my Phone, and it works OK. However. I can't voice dial very well, (It cuts out after I have spoken the Voice dial tag, but the phone starts dialling. The headset is dead. The phone then goes into loudspeaker {as the phone is folded} I then have to tap the MFB to use the headset.)the headset doesn't always answer a call when I tap the MFB, and sometimes when I tap the MFB to start a voice dial it does nothing, so I press the MFB for a bit longer and it dial's my last number called (as it is suppose to do. Is there something I am doing wrong or is this Headset not fully compatible with my phone? Has anyone else paired this headset to a 6255 and had better luck? Thanks for you responces in advance