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Somebody have Motorola HS801 User Manual ? [Motorola HS801 Bluetooth Headset - 112199]

Somebody have the user manual for headset HS801 ???
  • Michael
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You can download a manual for all Motorola products from here -- Michael - eXpansys Forum Search
  • hazza96
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Or here
  • HDresner
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I haven't used my HS801 headset in a long time. I just charged it up. I pressed the button and expected the ready light to come on. ready light. My cell phone was on. What did I do wrong?
  • ambie
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I have a new motorola phone and want to use my old hs801 headset with it but apparently it only bonds with one phone, how do i reset it?
  • PeteGraham
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Just tell it to pair with another phone. While it's on, hold down vol+ or vol-. Light will become on permanently. Get the phone to search for the headset and when it finds it, choose pair. Enter passkey 0000 and press OK. Headset will now be paired with your new phone. Pete Forum Search DON'T be afraid to use it!
  • Reggie
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Did you find out anymore on this issue? I've just tried to charge & pair a brand new 801 with the same effect, and I'm wondering if it's dodgy battery life.