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T-Mobile contract price? [Motorola Milestone - 190234]

Would anyone know why Expansys are offering the Motorola Milestone + T-Mobile Combi 30 + Web N Walk at version: £35 Monthly,18 Month,700 Mins,Texts,Unlimited Data.

 But on the T-Mobile website this contact only costs £30, not £35 so what am I paying a extra £5 a month for?

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You're paying the extra £5 for the Web 'n' Walk element.


But on the T-Mobile site the Internet access is included in the £30 package?


£30.00 Combi 30 + free internet


18 months 700 was 400

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If you actually look on that line then it does say its only available on certain handsets.


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so is this contract currently available? ie if i ordered today would i recieve after 5 days with a tmobile plan active paying 35 pounds a month (inc VAT) ?


The product page does not seem to be very clear on this. The plan becomes an option when you attempt to purchase the handset, but the product page says that they isnt a lead time for it. Can you clarify?

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As reaper says, the deal you've highlighted is only available on specific (older/cheaper) handsets.
If you look a little closer, you'll see that for the same £30 T-Mobile also offer the basic Combi 30 plan sans the web bundle.

As for the shipping date, you would need to contact your local Sales Office - this is a tech support forum and no-one here can answer order-related queries.
That said, I doubt anyone will give you an absolute guarantee that you will receive the handset in five days. Not least because it says it will ship in five days, also because that is an estimated lead time and there are any number of reasons why it might not be met.