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Updates -- how do they work if you're SIM free? [Motorola Milestone - 190234]

Firmware updates for Android normally come from the telco -- how will updates work for the SIM-free Milestones sold by eXpansys? If I buy a Milestone and run it on O2 for example, presumably no kind of firmware push is going to happen?

Will I be able to  get an update direct from Motorola? Or will SIM-free Milestones be doomed to stay on the version of Android they're shipped with?


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My previous experience with Android with a securityupdate to 1.5 was that I received it despite being on O2 which at that time didn't have any Android devices on it. That may not hold true on every device and every network but I'm sure I've read elsewhere that it should be network independent.
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This would be a good question for Motorola UK I guess.  You can contact them by email here: 

Well I'm on o2 in the UK and its on out on o2 in Germany so I'm hoping I should be ok.

Thanks milesg -- I've done just that (contacted Motorola). When they reply I'll post the response here.



And here's Motorola Support's response (executive summary: all's well :-):

Motorola Support wrote:

In response to your e-mail, we would like to inform you that updates on Motorola Milestone are handled by Google directly. You will be able to download all updates directly from their server and there is an option in the settings of the phone where you can check for system updates. No matter which network you choose, as long as you are able to connect on the Internet with the phone, you will have access to this feature.


Thanks Mark, thats good to know.

Only if we had our hansets now we could do this :P
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will sticky this for you
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so, can you guys get the update? to 2.0.1?
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Just tried, but got a "Failed to connect to server..." message. I can access marketplace and browse etc, but have not yet fully setup my settings for my provider (O2 UK). Hopefully O2 are not barring access to update server via their mobile proxys.


lightbulb: this may be off the mark, but if you're on pay-as-you-go on O2, you may not have noticed that O2 no longer requires you use an explicit proxy -- you can surf direct with no proxy set. (Which didn't used to be the case.)


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I'm using a O2 Contract SIM (i find it much cheaper for net access than a PAYG)...and boy does this phone want to keep chatting,  Got to now locate all those threads about optimizing usage.