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Reboot loop [Motorola Milestone - 190234]

  • dpb
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 I received my Milestone today, and have been having problems with it.

 It keeps rebooting all the time by itself randomly, most of the time it doesn't really let me do much.

 The phone isn't usable like this.


I've searched google, some DROID owners seem to have the same problem, and upgrading to Android 2.0.1 has helped them. When will the upgrade be available? 


What should I do? Should I return the phone or wait for the 2.0.1 update?




  • ShamaRama
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Sounds faulty (irrespective of whether the problem can be sorted by 2.0.1 update) as mine, and everyone else who bought one and writes on this forum, doesn't seem to have the problem.
I'd personally send it back, and get a replacement that doesn't exhibit that behaviour.
  • milesg
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Had mine since Friday, been running it all day, every day since then and not a single reboot.

Have you installed any apps? Remove all apps and try a hard reset.  If that doesn't work, return it.

  • lightbulb
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I would also think you may have a faulty hardware component,  (memory, SIM, peripheral component etc).

Make sure none of your buttons are stuck, your SD is seated correctly, your battery is firmly seated with no bits of fluff etc (lol) near contacts (i.e its all clean in there). Make sure your SIM is not greasy (clean contacts with lint free cloth) and reseat everything.

Then power on phone, allow full charge. Log what apps you have installed over/above stock.

Then, i know this seems silly, but make sure your phone is not just going to sleep...i assume when you mean rebooting, you see your phone going through the boot cycle with the "M" and the "android" logo each time.

Finally, is your phone "hot" when you notice it reboot?

  • dpb
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It happens even without the sd and sim cards in.

It's had a full charge. I've tried a factory reset. 

It's not going to sleep, I see the splash screens that come from the boot. 

It's not hot. 


It's weird that this doesn't happen on every boot. It happens on most boots, but sometimes it just stays on.

I am having very similar issues - the phone will reboot itself randomly following installing apps or using twidroid but it only does it intermittently at intermittent times. Although sometimes the icons will fully refresh (i.e. homescreen goes blank except wallpaper and then reloads the icons). Work that one out. It doesn't point to hardware but software but I could be wrong.

 I have restored it now 3 times following initial very, very buggy OS operations but no rebooting. Issues ranged from wifi / GPS dropping and touchscreen keyboard dropping touches. These issues were mitigated somewhat following the resets.


If the mods think that this is a hardware issue then please let those of us who are having issues  know please.



  • PeteGraham
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I've made this a sticky so it's at the top (or near to) of the Moto Android forum group.  The thread will remain unlocked until someone bitches about delivery times or stock availability within it.

Hopefully it will serve as a good place for updates on this - which to me sounds like a software problem, but I could be wrong! - and who knows, perhaps when Google give access to the new update for Android maybe it'll be ironed out.


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  • ninkustar
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 I'm also experiencing the same issues as you. I would say the problem for me is random. I had the phone so far for 7 days and only did I realised the rebooting bug today.

 I was using the phone halfway when the phone auto reboot. It happened about 3-4 times today alone. So I'm really suspecting it might be a firmware issue...

Anyone else having the same problem? 

  • dpb
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I returned the device and got a replacement. The replacement is working quite well.


The reply time of the customer service was pretty bad in my opinion, but eventually it worked OK.

I have very much found that this is not strictly pointing to a hardware issue - I've had major issues with: reboot loops, wifi and 3G/H drops, onscreen keyboard responsiveness, (very) poor battery life etc etc since I received mine and the issue is seemingly with two things:

A) The buggyness of the stock OS as installed

B) Mix of applications installed e.g what and how many

 I have been really frustrated with mine and performed a soft-reset (through the settings>privacy>factory data reset menu) 3 times in a matter of a week(ish) and to be fair this did nothing but stall the problems coming back.

The hard reset has worked for me a whole lot better with both functionality and also app installs (although I did install individual apps on a day by day basis and monitored each app like this) - If you haven't tried this reset then the I suggest you give it shot as it's easier than sending your phone back and waiting for a replacment: (the following instructions from the Motorola Support website)


To Manually Reset

If there are significant problems with your device or you are not able to follow the steps above please use the following process to manually reset the phone:

  1. Turn off phone
  2. Press Power key + "x" (on the hardware keyboard) to power on the phone and bring up the recovery screen.
  3. Press Volume Up + Camera Key<
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This is a very informative post and if you would like, create a brand new post with the information contained in this one with a relevant title and I will sticky that one seperately.

Choice is yours, you don't have to but I feel it would be of definite benefit to the Milestone / Droid user base.

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