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Hard vs Soft Re-set of Milestone prior to return of unit! Please STICKY [Motorola Milestone - 190234]


 With regards to some very frustrating issues mentioned over and over again within these and many other forums, please read if you are having any spurious or intermittent issues with your handset. Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with either eXpansys or Motorola / Google et al - I am an average Milestone and G1 user who just got fed up and had to hard reset and it worked for me - don't blame me if it isn't successful for you. Good luck.
I have very much found that a lot of these bugs or issues are not strictly pointing to a hardware issue - I've had major issues with: reboot loops, wifi and 3G/H drops, onscreen keyboard responsiveness, (very) poor battery life etc etc since I received mine and the issue is seemingly with two things:
A) The buggyness of the stock OS as installed - B) Mix of applications installed e.g what and how many
 I have been really frustrated with mine and performed a soft-reset (through the settings>privacy>factory data reset menu) 3 times in a matter of a week(ish) and to be fair this did nothing but stall the problems coming back.
The hard reset has worked for me a whole lot better with both functionality and also app installs (although I did install individual apps on a day by day basis and monitored each app like this) - If you haven't tried this reset then the I suggest you give it shot as it's easier than sending your phone back and waiting for a replacment: (the following instructions from the Motorola Support website,1/p/30/r_id/138858)
If this path doesn't make your OS or handset more stable, then I recommend that you then return your handset to point of sale.
This OS is shipping with some bugs, please bear this in mind, you may still have to reboot your handset from time to time - as you do with your pc etc... This is why incremental OS updates are provided, they contain bug fixes, security patches etc.. not just features of course.
As extra information here is a link to the official Motorola forum with regards to the Motorola Android OS updates (2.0.1 and 2.1) availability - there is nothing concrete of course but it's worth a look.