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Unable to access Updates (Android 2.1) [Motorola Milestone - 190234]

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Like everyone else, I am unable to connect to the update server to get updates (Settings > About Phone > System Updates). I get the message 'Unable to Connect. The device is unable to connect to the server, please try again.'

 Appreciate that there are no updates at the moment - but surely I should still be able to connect to the server? You'd think that the message would be 'There are no updates at this time' NOT 'Unable to connect.'

 Android 2.1 is due for release soon, and I don't want to miss out - please can someone from Expansys assist, and confirm that Milestone users will be able to access the update server?



  • deadite66
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it is connecting to the server but likely can't find the file is needs yet, wait and it will arrive.

patience young padawan.

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Thanks for this, but on what do you base your evidence? How do you know if it's connecting to a server? And if it IS connecting to a server, why does it say 'Unable to connect'?

 To my mind, if it IS connecting to a server, as you say above, then the error message should be "No files available" or "No updates available at this time."

 Please can someone from Expansys confirm?

  • Shelburtina
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Further to Deadnight666's suggestion that I be patient, it appears that updates for the Droid are available in the US, but have not been pushed out in Europe.

One of the fixes is to the camera, and someone has even created an online petition:

Perhaps being patient is the only option, but it appears that I'm not the only one who wants to know why Milestone users cannot get to the update server. Perhaps because there isn't one?

  • yuggyp
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This might help

Sorry I just checked and had to find this...

Motorola Europe Attention Android lovers. The 2.01 update is on its way for all Milestone users - watch this space for more info. The Android 2.1 upgrade for MILESTONE is also on its way and will be ready in the next 2 months. We can confirm that DEXT will get the Android 2.1 upgrade as well – once we have the timing for this, will let you know here... 


Unusual place to announce it but hey who am I to judge!? 

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Nice one :-) Fingers crossed we'll get it soon!
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I suppose it depends upon how you perceive it.  

Maybe it's "unable to connect" because the server isn't actually switched on yet?!
If the update server is for serving updates... and as yet there are no updates to serve.... What would be the point in the server?


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I had the same, can't connect to the server, unable... This morning I checked it again and now it sais: Your system is up-to-date. So i think this means: the servers are turned on :D


Info: I bought my Milestone here from eXpansys, I live in Holland.



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I Have had a Milestone for 9 months and when I would check for udates it would connect and tell me it was up to date ((android 2,1 with one update),  For the last 4 months I have not been able to connect to server the same as all the above users.  I believe that if it is up to date it connects to the server and states this.