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help! anyone else on tesco payg with a milestone? [Motorola Milestone - 190234]

  • fekyo
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recently changed to tesco payg, and got the 2 pound for 7 days unlimited data pack.

rang the technical team for the APN details, literally they were well helpfull and gave me the following as they said the milestone was a model they were unable to send the details so it needed manually entering. so far I got:

 name: tescowap


proxy: ***.***.***.***

port: 8080

username: tescowap

password is password

then ive got some empty fields which he didnt give me details for....

they are: server, mmsc, mms proxy, mms port

ive then got; mmc: 234 and mnc: 10

then authentication type is also empty/not set

and finally; apn type which he told me write 'default'


so to sum it up in total i am missing;



mms proxy

mms port, and authentication type.


I will ring them again in the morning but if anyone can help me out it would be GREATLY appreciated.