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Milestone 2 Problem [Motorola Milestone 2 - 203426]

  • raybanter
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I seem to be having a few problems with my Motorola Milestone 2.

When I first received the phone I was having to charge it every 8-12 hours other wise the battery would die.

Since then I have changed the 3g to 2g and turned off all apps from running in the background. This seems to have resolved the battery issue.

The problem I now have is that I don't receive emails on time ad my apps don't update.

The only other issue I seem to have is with the alarm, if the alarm goes and I don't turn it off straight away it automatically goes to the snooze alarm, if this happens the phone freezes and the screen goes blank. I then have to torn the phone off and then on again to get it working.

The only perk to this is I then receive all of my emails at once, which occasionally jams the phone again.

I rely on my phone for work so if anyone has any suggestions that would be much appreciated.


  • lanlet
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A good way to locate which programs are draining your battery is to use the battery manager app. Mine was built in but if you don't have one you can probably download for free at the app market or internet. My motorola milestone 2 can last for up to 3-4 days without charge, using apps. Make sure your 3-g, W-lan, Bt is turned off when your not using your phone because they are huge battery wasters. It is a hassle to turn them on and off but it will extend your battery life. The display lighting is another battery waster, turn it to low if you don't mind the screen been a little dark. Also, if your constantly traveling like me, make sure your phone is turned to off or airplane mode in areas without cell reception because your phone constantly searches for a signal. Hope this helped!