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Upgrade to Android 2.3 Gingerbread [Motorola Milestone 2 - 203426]

Hello, has anyone been able to upgrade to 2.3 as is available from Motorola, without using a PC? I have a mac and cant download their upgrade software. Tried checking for update via settings but it says Im already up to date.....!

  • Sudhirhk
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Which version do you see when you navigate to Settings-->About on your phone? There should also be a new 2.4.24 update. You can check it out here;


My phone is 2.2.2 and I dont have a PC. Only a Mac. Im awa re of the upgrade hence the query.

My phone had 2.2.2 but i couldn´t upgrade with the settings of the phone. I´m from Spain and I have upgrade to 2.3.4 only with a PC at the site of Motorola UK.The Motorola support told me to upgrade via PC.

Can a friend or a family member leave you a PC?

Good luck


Thanks my friend, yes I'll have top use someone's PC by the looks of it. Many Thanks!

Done via a PC- thanks!