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Uninstall error [Motorola Mobile PhoneTools® - 115013]

Can someone please help me. Im trying to uninstall PhoneTools, i go to control panel, then add/remove programs, and when i select mobile phonetools, a window appears that says would i like to modify or remove? I select remove and is asks if i want to completely remove the selected application. I select yes and the window switches to a setup status window that says mobile phonetools is perfoming the requested operations,and it freezes there, with only 2 green bars appearing on the uninstall bar. Any one out there know how i can uninstall this? its version 3.18c
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I was reading that topic and i think so I can help you! Restart your computer, and when it is starting touch F8 on your keyboard. If your windows is WINDOWS XP, it´ll show to you a black window. Select the option: Starting Security Mode (more or less it) Then your computer will starting at Security Mode to you reinstall the Mobille Tools. Later that it was started, go to Control Panel and you should to try remover that program. If you didn´t obtain sucess to remove, ask me to more informations! And I am sorry to my words wrongs! Thank you