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i cant recieve anything through bluetooth! [Motorola V500 - 109304]

  • Klee250
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  • Join Date: 13 四月 2006
I have a v500 and would like to get songs and sounds from my other friends phones through bluetooth. however, it comes up on their phone that it cant connect, and nothing comes up on mine. my bluetooth is always on, and within range. so why cant nothing get through? this is really annoying me as everything it powered on and as it should be but nothing will work. it has worked once before, but on that occasion i accidentally cancelled it so i didnt get anything anyway. please help
  • PeteGraham
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Bluetooth may be powered on but your phone won't be discoverable. There's some weird menu function within connectivity called "Discover Me" or something like that which you have to then turn on, get your mate to pair with you within a minute then you can send files without a problem. Pete Forum Search DON'T be afraid to use it!