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where do i plug a usb dongle? [Motorola V500 - 109304]

  • Klee250
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i want to buy a bluetooth dongle for my v500. they are meant to be plugged into a usb port, but there is no usb port on the phone! i have searched for v500 compatible dongles, but they are all usb! so, where do i plug a dongle into my phone? there must be somewhere to plug it!
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I'm not sure if I'm reading this right but you want to plug a USB (!) dongle into a bluetooth enabled phone? For the love of christ WHY? Your phone already has bluetooth - this is signified by the big bluetooth logo on the picture at the top of this screen. What do you want it for? Bluetooth on Motorola phones is pretty dire at the best of times (can't leave it on discover for more than one minute, takes almost an hour to transfer 1 (yes 1) MP3 file...) If however you only want bluetooth for a use with a headset so you can speak and drive, by all means go right ahead and buy a headset - The Moto 850 is a good purchase and I believe Expansys sell them for a very reasonable £40ish. If it is to transfer files from phone to PC, get a cable. It's MUCH faster and MUCH more reliable.
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The USB dongle plugs in to a USB socket on the computer. It is designed so that you can connect the phone to your PC via bluetooth. The phone already has the BT componants built in to it.
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This is THE question though. Other threads have asked how to or where to install/get drivers for the cable method you mention. I plug my V547 via cable to the PC (XP) and nothing. All the PC recognizes is a modem. I want to d'load/upload ringtones and pics. That's all. I would have thought that the PC would have read the V547 as it would say, a USB drive, but no... I am very disappointed with Motorola and the complete lack of support. (To say nothing of battery life which is not for this thread...)