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Drivers for pocketpc 2003 / XDA2 please [MWg O2 Xda II Thumb Keyboard - 108740]

Havin g just bought 2 of these keyboards as listed for 02XDA II, please can I get the up to date drivers?? Thanks Shuan ps I have already looked on the Darfon website
  • Bob Adams
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I'd like to get on the list too. I got the thumbpad and it doesn't even begin to work with the Qtek 2020.
Me 3 The keypad did appear to work once, and then not at all. I've even done a hard reset and just installed the driver supplied, same result. There is a warning on the XDA that the software may not display correctly, seems to be pretty standard for Windows Mobile 2003 devices. Other than that nadt. Suggestions welcome, will return otherwise. Yours Mike
There is an Applet in Start\Programs called G3B0 Keyboard once this has been run my keyboard works Hope that helps Yours Mike
False optimism. The keypad worked for a couple of pages of practice, but then stopped altogether. PDA unstable, had to hadware reset. Can't recommend this unit, will be returning mine. Mike