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Is it possible to buy a Nokia 6 TA-1003 version? [Nokia 6 Dual-SIM TA-1003 - 301079]

In japan , it`s better to have TA-1003 instead of TA1000. 

I wonder if I can buy a TA-1003 version in silver or black color.

Will you have a stock in the future?

Since I didn`t get answer for my last question, 

I would like to ask again...

I bought a TA1003_black from expansys a week ago and I would like to purchase one more TA1003_silver(Since I have a black version of TA1003, My wife wolud like to have the color other than black...).

I may wait for a few weeks If there is a stock of TA1003 in the future.

and if the answer is no, I may think about to purchase the TA 1000( honestly , I really like to have a TA 1003 and if there is no other color,black version is good too).


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We are sorry that after consulted with the purchasing team, we do not have any confirmed information from our suppliers about the availability of the Nokia 6 TA-1003 but only the TA-1000 model at the moment.