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Calender tones [Nokia 8800 - 121008]

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How does your calender tone for a reminder alarm act on the 8800?? On my 6230 it used to beep at me until I acknowledged the phone and switched the beeping off. On my 8800 it plays a tone once and flashes the screen.... Anybody elses do that? I've also noticed that there are other alert tones pre installed on the phone that end with "cal" in the title. This to me implys that they are calender tones and that maybe you can set the tones for your alarms, but I can't find anyway to do it.
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I would also like to know!, There must be a way to change the calender tones?.... The 6230 would beep beep beep constantly....
  • PureUK
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Yeah theats what I miss... Although I quite like the one quite tone and flashing of the 8800, I also liked the beeping on the 6230
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