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Almost one month of waiting for an item labeled as in stock - still nothing [OnePlus 7T Dual-SIM HD1903 - 320970]

I have ordered this phone on sunday, 5th of april.
After buying it, I noticed I wasn't asked for my phone number which I immediately sent to
The next day I received an e-mail asking for my phone number which I answered immediately.
Ever since I have written another 3 mails containing my phone number and asking for the current status, however I simply get ignored.
How long can it take for your customer support to copy the number and add it to the order? One might think this only needs 1 minute of work time.
However long it may take, it's hard to imagine that you are unable to do that within a weeks worth of time.

If there's additional delays, I can understand that, however I expect to be informed by you proactively about that.
Instead you ignore my mails. I would call a phone number, however there's none in Taiwan.

If I do not receive any updates in the next days, I see myself forced to withdraw my money and cancel the order.

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We do apologise for the delay in getting respond to you about your order, it's certainly not something we want our customers to be experiencing. We have checked through the emails we received and couldn't indicate the emails about your order. Do you have your order reference number with you for us to check with?

Hi Derek, thank you for your answer and apology. My order number is 046V-230A-1B92. It's under a different mail address than the one I use on this forum. Since I've ordered in Taiwan, I have sent my mails to which is also the address that sent me the request for my number. Please let me know, if this helps or if I should send my number again to a different address.  

  • Derek_W Staff
  • Posts: 1454
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  • Location: Australia

Thank you for providing your order number. We noticed that your emails went into the spam folder accientally. We have now whitelisted your email. A customer service representative will follow up with you by email. Sorry again for all the inconvenience.

Thank you for the help Derek. Good that you keep an eye on the forum!

As I keep getting error messages when trying to submit a new forum entry, I write it under this thread.

I write this as a warning to anybody interested in buying from expansys.
I have ordered this phone, which at the time was labeled as being 'in stock', almost one month ago.
Asides from other problems - like my mails being ignored for a week until I complained here - expansys refuses to give any ETA on when I can expect delivery.
8 days ago, I was told the phone arrived in stock, just to hear two days later that - sike - it actually hasn't. Ever since there's no new information at all.

Instead the support prefers to suggest me to pick another version of the phone despite my multiple explanations of why I have no use for the non-global version.
As I am not fully aware of the legal situation in Taiwan, it is impossible for me to fight for my rights as a consumer. However at one point I see myself forced to go to a lawyer as expansys refuses any form of compensation.

By now, I begin to believe I bought the phone at a too cheap price point they raised the price by roughly 50 euro the day after I bought it) so expansys is playing the long game to force me into cancelation.