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HTC TYTN UPGRADE PROBLEM [Orange Pre-Pay Sim Card - 104616]

HI! I've got one thread going regarding Orange, which I hope will be resolved soon, but this problem I have regarding upgrading my TyTN is doin' my 'ead in too!

I have TyTN which has Windows Mobile 5 on & HTC Support Webpage tell me I can upgrade to Mobile 6 by downloading their software.

I download it ok on to my desktop  & set my TyTN to Active Sync, then when it comes to installation everything goes black on my phone then a "error" notice comes up asking me to connect the USB & Active Sync again.

I have lost count how many times I have done this & the same thing happens each time. Does anyone know why the connection disconnects? I have disabled the firewall on my TyTN, in fact, I've done everything to try & get this software onto my phone but it will not.

As I am a complete novice regarding the pocket pc, & have sent various email to HTC & had no reply, does anyone know why this happens?