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JP Version [PlayStation 5 gaming console - 328406]

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Are there any differences between the JP version and other digital PS5 versions?

Also, is there any issue using the JP version in Singapore or the USA?

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Hi, the only difference is the power plug, the JP version comes with the two pin JP plug, and we will provide adapter with the purchase.

The JP version can be used in Singapore and the US, no problem.

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More information for your reference.

Games for the PS5 are not regionally locked, but please note that some Blu-Ray movies are regionally locked so you may not be able to view North-American Blu-Ray Movies with your PS5 unless you are watching 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray movies, which are not regionally locked.

Yes but what version of PS5 is?

There are several now coded by number like CFI-1100A01, CFI-1100B01, etc?

I do not want pay for the first PS5 that came out.

so which version are these?