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Psion Infra-Red Link not working [Psion InfraRed Link for IR Printing - 100996]

  • JStewart
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I have the same problems that the others on the forum are having the device will not communicate with my pocket pc device with the HP print driver. I have a Deskjet 990 which is supported and it prints with it's own IR but not with the Psion device with the same configuration on the PPC. Please advise I bought 17 of these things thinking they would solve a need. To no avail. I hope you have an answer as I would like to use the product. I have already requested an RMA though, because of your return policy, and the fact that I don't want to pay a restocking fee for product that others have had like problems with.
  • Mahesh
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See if the drivers from here work. -- Mahesh - eXpansys
  • ashcan
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I tested 5 separate Psion Infra-Red Links with an iPAQ 3600, a 3850 and a 5450 and not one of them worked with any of them. There are no drivers that I can see at the link that Mahesh suggests - only commercial Pocket PC software for sale - which doesn't state it supports any devices made by Psion. Is there anyone out there that has ever got this device working with ANY pocket PC ??
I purchased a Psion Infrared Link. It arrived in the post this morning. I connected it to my Canon BJ10es printer, opened a word doc on my Psion Series 3c, set it up to communicate via infrared, pressed print and my document printed perfectly. I'm very happy with my purchase.
  • lblock
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I got the Psion infra-red link. It worked fine with my Laserjet 4MP and then all of a sudden stopped working after 3 weeks. The battery was charged, the IR on my Palm T3 was checked and is fine. I'm going to bite the bullet and buy an Actisys Infra-red link, but I wonder what happened to the Psion. I even took it apart looking for any shorted/broken wires but could find none.
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PURCHASED T5 PALM (OS5)psion IR now not working. Anyone with solution?