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firmware upgrade not working [Rio Carbon 5GB MP3 Player - 114495]

I had got the upgrader screen on my player so i tried to upgrade the firmware. When I tried it kept saying upgrade unsuccessful........... The semaphore timeout period has expired. Anyone knows how to fix this problem cause now my player has no firmware on it and i can't put any songs on it.
  • dwchap
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Ok, so I didn't believe this the first 50 or so times I read it, but you should try "Whacking it" in the palm of your hand.

I got the same "upgrader" error, tried the firmware upgrade (which failed with the same message you stated - semphore timeout).)

So I figured what the heck, put it face down in my left hand, and whacked it with the palm of my right hand.

It then rebooted, and all my music was still there.  I was able to then complete the firmware upgrade without a problem.