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Why is my s10 lites screen bleeding? [Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Dual-SIM SM-G770F/DS - 321596]

  • anjobon
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I've only been using my s10 lite that I bought from this website for three days and I've been experiencing bleeding on my screen. 

For example, when I use GDOCS on dark mode and the phone is at the lowest possible setting, the text becomes blue when I scroll.

But even at normal brightness, the photos and videos bleed particularly dark ones) whenever I scroll through social media sites such as Twitter, Reddit, etc. 

Is this normal? :


Hi... I haven't had any light draining issue on amoled boards. As amoled have separate light producing diode for every pixel and they can kill on and that precise pixel its close to unimaginable for issues happening like light dying, while lcd have one single board for light connected to it either on corner or seldom at the back and henceforth Its generally on lcd or ips board where light draining issues occur.

flex circuit design for manufacturability guide

  • Jonard G.
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Ok ba to? Naayos probelm mo? Gamuh mo ktgal bago nreceive?