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UNLOCKING SAMSUNG V200 [Samsung V200 - 104997]

PLEASE can someone help me. Now living in NEW ZEALAND not going back to UK. Bought V200 before coming out, tried to unlock the V200 using a code but did not work as my V200 is the newer version. O2 kind b*s*a**s will not give me the unlocking code despite me not being able to use O2 here as I have no £££££££ left in the credit! Please help me either find the code or tell me who I could send my phone to as a last resort.
I think the only option left welsh is to flash it and risk it or post it back to the uk.
Can you explain further please. What is this flash!!
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I found this. Never used them nor is eXpansys affiliated in anyway. Just found this via a search engine. -- Mahesh - eXpansys
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that link works a treat - and it only cost £3. thanks
Hi Welshjohn You will be able to get a Unlocking Code from Ebay I think. Just type in the search "Mobile Phone Unlocking Code" It only costs about £2 for an email from the Seller with the unlocking code. Good luck with it anyway Mucicalman
I Welshjohn I have found the site for you on Ebay. Just search for the Number and you will be in business for just £1 Yes, I could not beleive it either!!! Item number: 3672110702
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HI, you can get the unlock code for your Samsung V200 at Unlock-Free . This is a free service..