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Wifi card + mitac mio 168 [SanDisk 256MB + WiFi SDIO Card - 113744]

i have just bout a sandisk wifi + 256mb card,and i wonder if this card is compatible whit my pda??????? becuase after i install the driver and will put the card blink 4 times after that the card vill lock my pda,i cant press anything, when i take the card out the pda will run normaly again I have tryied to install the driver several times but i got the same problem,i have try a hard reset and install the driver ,the smae problem I Have Also borrow a new Mio 168 from a Store and tryied that on that device and the same problem again So is the card broken ??? /Andreas
  • Michael
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What is the PDA that you are using it with? -- Michael - eXpansys
sorry i use a mitac mio 168
  • MAEvans
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Any update on this? I have just ordered the same combination (Mio 168 and SanDisk) and am wondering if i need to cancel the SanDisk item!
  • Mik
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You would be able to use it, but there could be a problem with using the memory and the WiFi at the same time. -- Mick - eXpansys
  • Thepom
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Hi, I've just joined this forum and decided to latch onto this thread. I have a Mio 168 and Sandisk 256MB + WiFi SDIO Card. I am having intermitent problems. i have wireless network at home and configured to work on this network. Then it stopped. The Pocket PC could not see the WiFi card or the RAM. Plugged in again a day later and it was up and running. Went for a drive through industrial Melbourne to see what networks it could see, (had GPS running at same time), pulled up many, then after a time locked up. Soft reset, then nothing the card was not seen again for WiFi or RAM. A couple days later, while travelling interstate,tried again and the card fired up, The RAM was seen and green LED was flashing again, no network found, but at least have activity. I guess my question to the forum is has anyone else had similar issues.\? Obviously when it works it works, why the intermitent problem I have? Thank you in advance