Keychron K4 (K4C3) RGB Backlight Aluminum Frame Wireless Mechanical Keyboard (Version 2) Brown Switch


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Key features:

  • Bluetooth 5.1
  • Inclined bottom frame
  • Relocated the Del key
Brand: Keychron / SKU: 378229 / Mfr: AP_X002OY3GED / EAN: 4897115550454

Keychron K4 (K4C3) RGB Backlight Aluminum Frame Wireless Mechanical Keyboard (Version 2) Description

Bluetooth 5.1.

Inclined bottom frame.

Relocated the Del key.

Changed keycap color scheme.

Added dedicated caps lock indicator light.

K4 version 2 has full-size functionality in a compact design with 100 necessary keys.
The hot-swappable option with preinstalled Gateron Mechanical switches offers the freedom to customize per-key typing experience without soldering.

Connects with up to 3 devices via Bluetooth and switch among them easily. With high reliable and broad compatibility Broadcom Bluetooth 5.1 chipset, the K4 version 2 is best to fit home, office and light gaming use while connecting with your smartphone, laptop and iPad. It also has wired mode with USB Type-C connection.

Compatible for both macOS and Windows. Keychron is one of only a few in the market that comes with a Mac multimedia keys layout for Mac enthusiasts.

For Linux users, Keychron also have a dedicated user group to help with the experience.

Inclined bottom frame makes the K4 version 2 more comfortable to crank out emails or write a novel.

Comes with a 100 keys (96%) layout included number pad and relocated Del key that offers convenient access to all the essential keys* for Mac and Windows in a small footprint.
*Num Lock works with Windows OS only.

Hot-swappable means to customize your typing experience without soldering, just pop them in and it’s done..

*The K4 Gateron (Hot-swappable) version keyboard support altering switches.
Socket of Gateron (Hot-swappable) is compatible with almost all the MX style 3pin ("~" key supports 3pin only) and 5pin mechanical switches on the market (including Gateron, Cherry, Kailh, etc.). SMD-LED compatible switches are the best for showing the backlights.

For the lovers of both classic clicky and smooth typing, K4 also has a Gateron G Pro switch option to select. We’ve got you covered with three Gateron switches options (Red, Blue, Brown).

The K4 can last up to 240 hours typing (backlight off) with a 4000 mAh big battery.

K4 is engineered with more than 15 types of RGB backlight options that you can use to play with. A keyboard that is always in sync with your mood to keep you happy and productive. Easily cycle to different backlight schemes using the light bulb key.

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Technical Details

  • Bluetooth 5.1
  • Inclined bottom frame
  • Relocated the Del key
  • Changed keycap color scheme
  • Added dedicated caps lock indicator light
  • 96% compact design Mechanical Keyboard
  • Bluetooth 5.1 Wireless connection / Type-C Cable
  • Included keycaps for both Windows and Mac
  • Compatible with both iOS/macOS and Windows/Android
  • Full-size functionality
  • Compact design with 100 necessary keys
  • Gateron Switch (Brown/Blue/Red)
  • Classic clicky and smooth typing
  • 15 Types of RGB Backlit
  • 4000mAh large Li-polymer battery
  • Around 3 hours charging time
  • Support Quick charge 5V 2A
  • Up to 70 hours Working Time
  • Dimension: 376 x 129 x 38mm
  • Weight: About 933g / 2.05 lbs
  • PACKAGE CONTENT: 1 x Keyboard, 1 x USB-A to USB Type-C Cable, 1 x Keycap Puller, 1 x User Manual

Keychron K4 (K4C3) RGB Backlight Aluminum Frame Wireless Mechanical Keyboard (Version 2) Reviews

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