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  • simple review of Nokia 8110 4G
  • by Anonymous / 28/6/2018
  • Delivery is very fast, so I received it on Monday after my order on Friday. I’m living in South Korea. I believe, if you are a matrix fan choose black color. It consists of one Mini USIM slot, one Nano USIM slot, and one Micro SD slot. OS is KaiOS, There is no Korean language support. I recommend after Wifi setting proceed software update. After that you will found Google Email, contact synchronization feature. After syncing, I can see Korean Character name at contacts. You can’t input Korean. But, Least you can see Korean without problem. SMS also support in Korean. However, there are only one 4G / 3G antenna. I have tested two USIM chips, but only one of them is activated. In other words, if one USIM is connected to 4G or 3G, the remaining USIM can be connect to 2G only. Battery usage is quite nice. After 8 hours normal usage, about 90% battery remain. Even this phone doesn’t support input Korean, basic phone function is good, and tethering support is also acceptable. I’m using 8110 as a main phone, old iPhone 7 is using as a sub for SNS. If you are looking for a retro phone for weekend activity, it’s yours.
  • 비추합니다.
  • by Richard / 23/11/2018
  • 주소록 열면 버겁습니다. 버벅되기 일쑤... 구글 검색은 가능은 하지만 정말 인내심을 요합니다. It's very slow. Hard to open contacts. Just looks good that is it.