Petoneer FRESCO Smart Fountain Ultra FSW020 Wifi + UV Sterilizing


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  • MODEL:FSW020
  • INPUT:DC 5V 2A
Brand: Petoneer / SKU: 318303 / Mfr: AP_FSW020 / EAN: 6930460005151

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Petoneer FRESCO Smart Fountain Ultra FSW020 Description

Petoneer Fresco Fountain is designed for Pets with Love. Innovative designs in all aspects deliver better care to Pets.

The fountain has a water capacity of 2 liters making it ideal for a cat or a small dog daily! The Fresco fountain has the built-in TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) meter; Color-coded LED indicates water level and quality, visually reminding users to change the water in the fountain on time.

The Fresco fountain features a unique 3-stage filtration system including a mesh screen combined with activated carbon and ion-exchange resin.

The closed design of the water reservoir shortens the water’s exposure to air. The design of a water tank that is separable from the bucket makes cleaning a breeze. Separating the tank from the bucket will cut off power automatically.

The Wi-Fi enabled fountain enables pet owners to monitor water quality and water lever remotely via smartphones powered by the standby cloud service. Pet owners are able to know water usage, the filters remaining lifetime, and the pump’s operational status. Notification will be pushed to user’s phone to remind them of timely changing practices.

Shipping Weight: 1.61kg

Technical Details

  • MODEL:FSW020
  • INPUT:DC 5V 2A
  • BUTTON:LONG PRESS(Factory reset);SHORT PRESS(Filter Change)
  • RANGE:30m

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